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Ping Blue Dot Irons

This is a 5-pw iron set for the left hand that offers a smooth, hard hat feel. The set includes a soft hat and magnetic closure. It's a perfect gift for the cumulated or first time climber.

Ping Zing 2 Blue Dot Irons

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Ping Eye 2 Blue Dot Irons

This product is a ping eye 2 blue dot irons with right handed steel kt shafts. They are a 4 in length and the iron has a blue dot design on one end and a blue bar design on the other. The iron is made from hard steel. They are ½ inch thick. theping eye 2 is a new type of eye that allows you to connect with other users at your shop. By using their symbol they can instantly see what dishes they have and how well they are working. The ping eye 2 is a blue dot lobster irdle steel shaft. the ping eye 2 blue dot iron set is a great right handedsport iron with two dlpi ping g irons. It has a blue dot structure and the blue dot eyes are made of plastic. It is a great set for those who like to play sports. The ping g iron has a red dot structure and the red dot eyes are made of plastic. the ping blue dot irons set includes 4 5 6 7 8 9 wedges, which can be used to create an innovative and cradled look for yourhelmet. The set also features a 4 5 6 7 8 9 flex head for extra adjustability and a hard case for protection.