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Ping I210 Irons

The new and improved i 210 iron set with its extra stiff dynamic gold 120 steel provides strong power and durability, the set comes with 3 iron combs, 1 blade and 1 hanger.

Ping I210 Irons Amazon

The Ping irons white dot dynamic gold stic is an 4-point flexible irons that is designed to be used in your driving and professional applications, the system is designed to be as durable as possible and is certified by the s300 standard. This technology is fantastic for cleaning up vehicles after driven or professional applications, the new Ping irons combo blue dot dynamic gold 120 s300 stiff power spec 4-p. Lets you enjoy your driving experience with full body power, with its black anodized aluminum design, this partner pair of irons offers a high-quality experience when driving. The Ping iron set is a sensational surrogate to get your iron set up to speed in a hurry! The set includes four iron heads, a comfy stiff and a lanyard, this set makes a top-rated test set-up for your next workshop or home game. The Ping iron set is a practical substitute to improve your ironing ability, this set includes 12 iron discs and a carrying case. The discs are designed to help you improve your ironing speed and accuracy.