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White Iron Bed

Looking for a nightmares in the closet Bed frame? Look no more than our White iron Bed frame with headboard and footboard, this Bed is full queen, with a twin Bed and a four-poster bed. It extends a sturdy metal canopy to protect you and your things, plus, the headboard and footboard add a bit of luxury to this modern bed.

Antique White Iron Bed Frame

This beautiful antique White iron Bed frame with black White silver classic metal platform Bed frame will add a touch of luxury to your room, the headboard and footboard are included, and the price is only antique cast iron Bed frames. Antique Bed frames, what is an antique cast iron Bed frame? An antique cast iron Bed frame is a product made from cast iron. Cast iron is a type of iron that is use to make furniture, it is often used in shotguns, firearms, and other large machines. This is a first rate old brass Bed with old iron Bed rails, the Bed is from the 1800's and is quite rare to find in good condition. The Bed is about 5'5" wide x 4'9" height x 1'5" depth, it is produced for four people and imparts a soft bedding system. The Bed is equipped with a headboard, nightstand, and some table chairs, the Bed is in like manner equipped with a dormer window and a three light schema. This Bed is a top addition to all room! This is a beautiful, old-fashioned iron Bed with gold-colored rails, the Bed as you see it - a beautiful, large two-piece, made with care for use by a powerful couple. The Bed is manufactured for one person and gives two bedsprings in the middle, the Bed is in like manner well made and finished with nice, coarsely grained wood. The Bed is ready for use and renders a nice, strong pull handle, the Bed is furthermore facile to clean - just about everything in the house is straightforward to clean.