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Antique Cast Iron Water Pump

This Cast iron Water Pump is a wonderful addition to your antiques and collector's market, it is original and is in best-in-class condition. This Pump is placed at the edge of a well and is used to wash dishes.

Antique Cast Iron Well Pump

This antiques casting iron hand well Pump body and cover is from the mfg, this well Pump is in excellent condition with all the original coating and paramount markings. The Cast iron body is in good condition with only a few very light flaws, the well Pump imparts a standard 19"h bore and a thickness of 3"; it is cosmetic in terms of its metal Pump body. This well Pump grants a false bottom and is controlled by a single hand Pump handle, the Cast iron hand well Pump grants a few small particles inside the well cover which is currently open. It is potential to fill up the well with Water if needed, the well cover extends a catch and some small dents. The well signatures of use with numerous bumps, scratches and signs of use, this Cast iron hand well Pump is in excellent condition and is an outstanding addition to your Antique Cast iron listing. This old Cast iron Water Pump is a sensational addition to your old machine, the Pump is additionally very uncomplicated to use, and it is superb for use Water from the Water pitcher to baths or baths for fuel. This Pump is a valuable tool for use up an old Water pitcher, or using it as a power source for your old machine, this Antique Cast iron hand Water Pump is a fantastic addition to your vintage restaurant. This Pump is still in good condition and is only $50, this vintage original yale Cast iron Water Pump is an enticing addition to your vintage home and may even serve as the foundation of your new one. The Cast iron Water Pump is hand Pump and it imparts the classic yale design which is why it is often referred to as an old-school Water pump, this Pump is still in peerless condition and is still working very well. This Pump is further basic to operate and is first-rate for enthusiasts all-important vintage home Water tanks.