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Iron Cross

The iron cross german eagle silver hand-poured bar is a beautiful 1871 style iron cross. It is usually used as a symbol of strength and heroism in the military and intelligence services. This bar is 100% silver and hand-poured in germany. It is also the perfect symbol of peace and love.

Germany 1914 Iron Cross Pin
Iron Cross Oxalis - 25 bulbs

Iron Cross Oxalis - 25 bulbs

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Nazi Iron Cross

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German Iron Cross

The german iron cross 2nd class is a military cross that has been used by german soldiers during world war i. It is made of heavy gold-colored iron and has a contains a serial number. iron cross first class. This decoration was awarded to a soldier who had distinguished himself during the war, and was most conspicuous in service to his country. The iron cross is made of gold, and isears a immanent german cross of 12 carats. the iron cross medal was a german badge with a certificate. It was worn on the chest, typically with the grade of corporal (weeney), first and last name (weeney), and rank ( sweeney) on the breast. this wwi 2nd class iron cross is awarded to a german military officer for his actions during the war. The cross is made of steel and is reverse of the photo. It is measuring 3. 5 inches in height.