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Antique Wrought Iron Fireplace Tools

This is a rustic Wrought iron Fireplace tool set that includes 5 pcs fireplaces, they come with a poker tongs brooch shovel stand and an 5 pcs fireplaces.

Best Antique Wrought Iron Fireplace Tools

The vintage Wrought iron Fireplace Tools are practical for someone scouring for a certain feel about mid century modern architecture, this set includes Tools to build vintage-style as well as Tools to join with a home base. The Tools can be used to repair and replace parts of a fireplace, as well or rebuild an older one, the Antique Wrought iron Fireplace Tools set is top-of-the-heap for a person hunting for an at-home Fireplace marker or from the-o-book. With included damper position Tools and a stand, this set will help you create valuable fireplaces instantly, looking for some affordable and sturdy Fireplace tools? Don't search more than our hand-forged iron Fireplace tools. We grove on the end result that our Tools create - it's beautiful and sturdy, whether you're searching for a simple, modern Fireplace or a complicated, high-quality one, we've got you covered. With our selection of blacksmith-made tools, you'll be able to create a terrific fire starter in no time at all! These beautiful vintage-style iron Fireplace Tools set will make your fireplaces look incredible! The Tools are a-frame iron, and they come in various colors and sizes to suit any home's needs.