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Cast Iron Ashtray Stand

This is a first-rate Cast iron Ashtray Stand for your taking on your next store, the handle is adjustable to suit most hands comfortably, and the candy flower design provides an unique look. This Stand peerless for use on countertops as well, or use as a desk accessory.

Cast Iron Dragon Ashtray

This Cast iron dragon Ashtray is a beautiful and light-hearted surrogate to celebrate life, desire and work, the Ashtray is wide and deep, peerless for holding fresh cigars or keeping track of you in the right place at the right time. This beautiful Cast iron nude dancing lady Ashtray Stand is dandy for adding durable and sturdy design to your teal room, this Stand is again easily adjustable to suit any size of cigars making it a fantastic surrogate for a shopper hunting for an unique and stylish Ashtray stand. This Cast iron dragon Ashtray Stand is a beneficial addition to each room, the Ashtray Stand imparts a modern look and is produced of jade dragon Ashtray material. It is basic to clean and is a sensational addition for any room, this vintage Cast iron Ashtray Stand is a beautiful addition to room, and terrific for smoking your cigarettes. The Ashtray imparts a beautiful Cast iron greyhound dog smoking Stand design, and is from a time when ashtrays were made of brass, this Cast iron Ashtray Stand will make any room look old-time glamour and be outstanding for smoking cigarettes.