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Extra Stiff Iron Shafts

Extra stiff iron shafts are perfect for use with the new nice project x lz 6. 5 extra stiff iron shafts. These shafts are a perfect match for the new iron, and provide perfect performance for anyone looking for extra hard working.

project x golf shafts 3-pw

project x golf shafts 3-pw

By Project X


Extra Stiff Irons

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Cheap Extra Stiff Iron Shafts

Extra stiff iron shafts are the perfect solution for those who need the best power with the best heat. Our graphite project x catalyst 100 80 iron shafts are extra stiff because they have a taper tip which makes them perfect for top quality heatsinks and heat pipes. extra stiff iron shafts set on a 4-pw type for extra hard metals. With a. Feel when working with this type of metals. our extra stiff iron shafts are perfect for launches with high power and authority. They are made of graphite and have a blue shade to them which makes them look like a blue graphite engine. The true temper dynamic gold x100 iron shafts 5-pw is a new grip with a 5-pound weight and a 3. 8-inch tip. It is extra stiff for those who need strength andogeneity in their ironing. The shafts are also easy to control with the new grip, making it a perfect choice for those who need to be able to do a variety of tasks quickly.