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Lodge Cast Iron 12 Inch Deep Skillet

This Lodge Cast iron 12 Inch Deep Skillet is an enticing substitute for a quick and basic cookout, this Skillet is pre-seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic before you add your food. The strong design and heat resistant material make this Skillet a first rate alternative for stocks, meat projects, or just common kitchen tasks.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet 12 Inch

This Lodge Cast iron Skillet is a practical alternative for the home cook, it is a pre-seasoned Cast Skillet that features a black enameled Lodge design. The Cast iron Skillet provides an 12 Inch size and is coated with a pre-seasoned Lodge film, the iron cover includes an assist handle and an 12-ounce weight. This Lodge pre-seasoned Skillet is a first-rate way for cooking large batches of food, this Lodge Cast iron Skillet is an unrivaled pre-seasoned cast-iron Skillet for admirers with deep-side access to the cooking oil. The Skillet offers an iron cover with an assist handle, providing a comfortable hold, the Skillet is also includes pre-seasoned cast-iron daters and an 1-inch Deep pan. This Skillet is unequaled for your cooking, with a busy schedule that involves many techniques, this Lodge Cast iron 12 Inch Deep Skillet is a first-class substitute for the home cook that wants to cook slow fire food. The Skillet grants beenpre-seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic before you add the desired amount of heat and time, the large Deep Skillet offers a sleek, sleek design that is sure to please. The iron cover is in like manner a valuable this Skillet is practical for cooking high heat cooking items like chicken or fish, the Lodge Cast iron 12 Inch Deep Skillet comes with a large frying pan. This 10 Inch Lodge Cast iron Deep Skillet is pre-seasoned with an iron cover and assist handle, the Skillet offers an 5 quart size and is heat resistant for large cooking. The Skillet is furthermore pre-seasoned with black pepper and garlic powder, the Skillet comes with the iron cover and assist handle.