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Metcal Soldering Iron

The sttc-126 Soldering iron is a conical sharp bent Soldering iron that is top-rated for with its tip conical sharp bent 30 0, 4 mm tip size, it is enticing for the more difficult tasks.

Metcal Soldering Iron Ebay

The Soldering iron is a highly precision and efficient Soldering iron that is ideal for the most demanding of tasks, it features a new, precision-made chassis that provides superior strength and stability. Additionally, the Soldering iron features a that provides greater precision and efficiency, lastly, the Soldering iron comes with an 2-year warranty. The Soldering iron imparts been specifically designed for Soldering in the heart of the technical world, it renders a wear and certification and is hand-forged from a single block of metal. Its, Soldering iron, body as well made from high quality materials, making it both durable and reliable, the Soldering iron also includes a number of tips and tricks to help you Soldering more efficiently and effectively. The oki mfr- Soldering station with 30 day warranty is an unrivaled alternative for people who desiderate the latest technology and quality in agerman-made Soldering iron, with an automated tempering system and an 3-phase power supply, the Soldering station is practical for Soldering in the home and office. The Soldering station s2 e-01 is an excellent Soldering iron with a material, it presents an 3 s power and 3 s power fast charging. It comes with a battery and a charger.