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Ping G5 Irons

The Ping G5 irons are first-class answer to your questions, with their advanced technology and design, you're sure to find what you're searching for with the Ping G5 irons.

Ping G5 Black Dot Irons

The Ping G5 black dot irons are new line of direct-to-consumer, full-face irons from Ping that feature a black dot on one face and a G5 suffix for your protection, these are hsc-certified, full-face irons that are designed to give you the best possible experience with a green dot. The Ping G5 black dot is a new line of irons from Ping that feature an 100- limit and a regular graphite 14 structure, this gives them the ability to provide good carving power while also providing good strength and translation. They also have a very thin coat of gold content that provides some extra protection for your earth-based assets, the Ping G5 irons graphite shaft is a practical substitute for somebody wanting for a new or used product to buy. This shaft is manufactured from 5-pw cs lite steel, which makes it strong and durable, it's also for a soft feel and a clear dot stardust finish. The Ping G5 irons are new series of 3-pw steel right-handed irons that are designed to provide the same powerful power as the main line G5 irons, they are new design that uses a small, low-profile, or content on the head of the iron, making them very facile to one-up your competition. The Ping G5 irons are made in the usa and feature a small, the Ping G5 irons are first-class set of irons that offer a high level of performance and features, this set of irons features a black dot design for on-the-go athletes, and the regular flex steel shafts provide a comfortable and effective distance range.