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Soldering Iron Stand

This is a first rate buy for the home user! This metal Stand extends multiple uses, from a work surface to a tool Stand (or even a miter saw), it's unequaled for Soldering in or out, and makes for a top-of-the-heap addition to your home’s eclectic mix of retail space.

Stand Holder Magnifier Helping Station Tools
Stand Holder Magnifier Helping Station Tool
Kit 80w Lcd Welding Tool Station Tip Cleaner Sucker Wire Tweezers

Soldering Iron Kit 80W LCD

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Soldering Iron Stand Walmart

This is iron Stand from 120 it gives a strong and sturdy design, it can hold a full-face iron with ease, the Stand also features a variety of clamps and screws for adding extra steady progress. This is an enticing addition to your work area, this is a Soldering iron Stand that i bought from the store. It's a third-hand one and it's not in fantastic condition, it's been used once and the plastic gives a bit wear and it's a little flattened. The iron is brand new and provides the sentence " from korea " on the front, it's about inches in height and it presents a sturdy Stand for stability. This electric Soldering iron Stand offers an adjustable temperature of 80 degrees that is unrivalled for and wiring applications, the 110 v power outlet makes it splendid for use with power tools and devices. The high quality construction with the makes it a sensational surrogate for an admirer selling or using a new product, this is a best-in-class 3 piece set for solder gun sponge metal applications. The Stand presents a sturdy design with a prevention plate and a forward reach swivel, so it can be rotated to accommodate different types of tips, the support station renders a sturdy design with a fabric top and mesh bottom, meaning that solder gun sponge metal applications can be finished quickly and easily. The Stand and support station are made from sturdy materials and can hold a lot of material, making it a first-class value.