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Wrought Iron Garden Fence

This hammered brass Garden Fence is made Wrought iron, it well-made buttime-consuming project. The Fence is made to pests and vegetables from getting, this Wrought iron Garden Fence is valuable for home. The Fence is made to keep the plants and stars from getting.

Cast Iron Fencing

This heavy-duty wrought-iron Garden Fence is exquisite for or professional boundary lines, the with path borderland and institutional areas, this Fence is top-of-the-line for your garden. The Fence is fabricated of top-quality wrought-iron and extends a sturdy border path, this Wrought iron Fence is exquisite for your patio or yard. It renders an 5 panel design that makes it effortless to take off and on as you please, the edging is fabricated of tough, durable, yellowed paper, and the barrier is fabricated of a hard-shell. This Fence is an outstanding addition to your yard or home patio, this vintage victorian Garden Fence extends fleur-de-lis hearts design on a Wrought iron construction. It is a valuable addition to your Garden and will keep your Garden clean and safe, this beautiful cast iron Fence is from the early 1800 s and is produced from lightweight iron. It is rusted but not lost and is in very good condition, the aluminum coated are beautiful feature of this Fence and add a touch of style. The cottage chic style is from theophile cast iron Fence from the 1900.