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Cast Iron Muffin Pan

This cast iron muffin pan is perfect for your baking needs! It has 11 slots, making it perfect for a 9-inch pan or a 9-inch pan and an oven. The griswold or wagner are etching designs™ on the top of the pan. This muffin pan also has a u-section for easy attachment to an oven or oven-ready dish.

Antique Cast Iron Muffin Pan

If you’re in the market for a nice, though affordable, baking pan for your antiques or vintage items, then check out this one from a local store. It’s cast iron for just $5 per set. You can use it to baking pan, dutch oven, or even a non-stick pan for cooking. And it comes with a tool for turning it into aono bakespace of your choice. if you’re looking for something a bit more heavy-duty, then check out this are. It’s made from heavy-duty metal and is about $10 per set. It comes with a tool for turning it into an etching or carving pan.

Cast Iron Muffin Pan Amazon

This is a great baking pan for anyone that is looking for something heavier than just a heart mold. The cast iron means that the pan will be cook more evenly and the 9 hearts make it more dishwasher safe. this is a cast iron muffin pan that is based on the classic teddy bear model. It is made with a removable baking pan and a baking pan for the dough. The baking pan can be raised or lowered to fit the dough. The pan can also be held in one hand while using the other hand to form the dough into a loaf. This cast iron muffin pan is great for baking bread, cookies, or any type of muffin. this vintage wagnerware muffin pan is a great way to get your kitchen modern and classic at the same time. The cast iron material means that it will last long in the oven and stovetop, and the smaller size means that it can handle small cups and waffles. this muffin pan is perfect for your next cookout. It is made of cast iron and has a wagner-style handle. It's perfect for both hot and cold foods.