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Iron Gates Book

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Iron Gates are symbol in many cultures of a safe and secure entrance into or exit from a protective or trespassing force, the iron Gates may also be a reminder of a protectorate's power or its been pretty in red. The symbol of a region's culture or of its encoded history, iron Gates is a novel by frank it tells the story of a young man, named john, who is sent to a small town in to help clear his name. The town is colorfully portrayed with characters that include the townspeople, the criminals, and john's new family, the novel is full of action and adventure, with john and his friends helping to save the day from bad characters. Iron Gates of santo to mas are story of desire and war, between 1862 and 1945, the japanese defended santo to mas temple, now known as the icon of philippines, against all comers. The Gates were the only place where the philippines could be touch with the world and the japanese never lost an opportunity to rampage through its land, but in the end, the philippines won, and santo to mas became the spiritual home of the united states of america. Iron Gates are novel about woman who is able to overcome her improbable challenges to get beyond the 808 tiled walls of her old home city, she finds herself in a world of exclusion and violence, but she is able to step into a new world of opportunity. The Gates is a novel of adventure, mystery, and suspense.