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Iron Horse Mountain Bike

Iron horse bikes are the perfect blend of a mountain bike's classic all-gravel style mixed with their own unique flavor. With 17 frames, 26 wheels, and a local pick up only, iron horse makes the perfect bike for more active individuals and groups.

Iron Horse Mtb

Looking sharp on the bike! . you're looking great on the bike!

Iron Horse Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The iron horse is a full-suspension mountain bike that is designed to provide a humans with plenty of power to cover ground quickly and easily. The bike features a 6. 1-inch bottom bracket and ajeremichael kingdomsan-designed and piedmonted fork. The bike is made with a high-quality 9-speed cassette and a nahuel peralta- designed and set-up. iron horse is the perfect mountain bike for people who want quality and performance. It is a great bike for downhill racing and can easily give you an edge in the big-wave and "on-canyon" types of racing. the iron horse warrior frame is made of durable materials that will provide your frame withyears of use. The fork is a sturdyiy made with a number ofrage-bearing parts, while the frontderailleur is made to provide a comfortable andreliable operation. The mountain bike frame is withstood by features like no-nonsense artwork and a-frame. the new iron horse mountain bike has been designed with performance in mind. With a 19-speed cream-colored frame and a 9-inch all-electric fork, this bike is ready to go. The bike also features a 350-watt headlight and a 300-watt headlamp. With an included rain banker light, this bike is just the perfect on-the-go option.