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Iron Maiden Album Covers

This 12x12" album is perfect for the iron maiden fan in your life! It features original and reproduction of the 12x12" album cover art from the high vaultage album. This is a great addition to any collection, and is a great addition to anyones ecommerce store.

Cheap Iron Maiden Album Covers

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Iron Maiden Album Covers Walmart

This is an album cover for the single 12x12 album that is inspired by. The cover is made up of powerliftingalbum cover templates and is made to be a perfect every day, personal and professional suite. this is an iron maiden album cover replica poster print. It is 12x12 inches in size and has the original bookkeeping and printing detail on the spine. It is made from high quality paper and has the standard iron maiden logo and 12 stars on it. There is also a very small logo off of thedirty water symbol on the bottom right. This is a great addition to any iron maiden album collection! this is an album cover for the 12x12 size. It is a cool power pose with the girl in the power pose and the power. It has the original pressing with the original poster and it is a great value for the price. this is an iron maiden album cover from 12x12. It has the original poster design with howling monkey and sun in the sky. The paper is also in great condition.