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Left Handed Titleist Irons

Our lefthanded Titleist iron set comes with 5-pw black amt stiff shaft that is unequaled for right-handed players, it's a good set for right-handed players as it renders a straight feel, making it facile to handle in the right hand. The black amt stiff shaft is furthermore good for right-handed players as it renders a nice, strong feel.

Titleist Irons Left Handed

This is a set of 8 left-handed Titleist irons, they are from the left-handed range, and are stiff 12-long. The set is of 8 shoes, which means that each shoe is an ideal weight for a left-handed hitter, the shoes are from the left-handed hand, and are stiff for that purpose. The Titleist Left hand iron set includes an 5-pw gw Left hand true temper set, this set is designed to help a player's hand strength and texture. The set includes a right hand alternative as well, the used left-handed Titleist irons are excellent value and still work very well. They are made from a high-quality tour 105 stiff materials, so you can be sure they will give you the power you need to take home the win, the Titleist ap1 Left Handed irons are top-notch substitute for a person hunting for an appropriate left-handed pair of shoes. They are made from steel and feature a four-positionstiff xp 95 range, this allows for good strength and stability, while the steel structure helps with strength and stability.