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Titleist 962 Irons

This is a real autographed Titleist iron that offers been used by the man himself, this is a real top-of-the-heap opportunity to get this one-of-a-kind iron.

Titleist 962 Irons Ebay

The Titleist 962 irons black 3-pw rifle 5, 5 steel shafts are sterling choice for left-handed shooters. With unrivaled power and a very heavy construction, these iron shoes are exceptional for any individual who wants the power to take them the added advantage of being left-handed, made from the best 3-pw steel, these shoes are designed to do the job well. The Titleist 962 single 2 iron is a dynamic gold s300 rh that is designed to give you an edge on your competition, this iron features an 9-letteredlaim with a making it a popular substitute for levelers and tournament players. The single 2 iron is likewise certified by the dynamic gold s300 rh certification program, making it a beneficial surrogate for more serious players, the Titleist 962 irons are the latest addition to the Titleist line of right-hand clubs. These clubs steel shafts, which makes them outstanding for right-handed players, the Titleist 962 is an 4-iron, right-handed player's choice. The Titleist 962 irons have a new right dg structure that provides a bit more tension while in the tooth, this new attack feels more firm and looks slightly more aggressive. The steel handle presents its own tight-fit design that keeps the hand feeling slim and small, the back of the blade presents a slightly different howl to give it a more distinct look.