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Miniature Cast Iron Stove

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Vintage / Antique Toy Eagle

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Miniature Pot Belly Stove - 8 Inch - Albert E. Price Inc.

Cast Iron Miniature Pot Belly

By Albert E. Price


Stove Miniature Dollhouse Size

Vintage Queen Mini Cast Iron

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Stove Accessories Doll House Toy 1940s Taiwan Roc
Miniature Stoves, Pot Belly Antique Toys

Small Cast Iron Stove Antique

This small Cast iron Stove is a relic from a previous era, it is Miniature and contains a small model of a dollhouse. The house is size small and contains a small Cast iron skillet and a small skillet, this Stove was used to cook small dishes. The dollhouse is small and contained a small number of items, it was a com for providing small meals. The Cast iron skillet is a reminder of the era when small pieces of Cast iron were the standard in the Stove industry, the skillet is from the era when these skills were called "mini-machines". This vintage queen Miniature Cast iron Stove imparts been used but never used again, it provides a warm feeling to it and the smell of baking bread. This Stove is an unrivaled addition to your home and is missing one cover, the queen Cast iron Stove is an enticing toy for suitors who desire to cook. It is fabricated from classic Cast iron and features a miniaturized skyline pattern on the top, it is furthermore top-notch for admirers who admire to cook with Cast iron skillet techniques. This Stove is additionally beneficial for shoppers who appreciate to cook in the kitchen, this vintage Miniature Cast iron Stove is a first-class substitute for a new home. It grants a simple look and feel, and is complete with included tools, pots, and pans, the Stove is ready to adopt with a sample utensils and pots. It is sensational for a small home, office, or kitchen.