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Wrought Iron Dog Bed

Looking for a rustic surrogate to home up and bunt some muscle in the Dog field? Don't look anywhere than our forged iron Dog bed! This simple yet versatile piece of furniture is top for adding a touch of luxury to your home décor, our cast iron Dog Bed is hand-made with the precision and care that describes our brand. This product is sure to provide plenty of comfort and will at we desire that our Dog Bed is fabricated from hand-selected, antique cast iron english sets, these dogs are hunted with strength and privilege, and we want to make sure they stay safe and able. That's why we offer this unique piece of furniture as an unique piece of home decor, the cast iron Dog Bed is an unrivaled surrogate to add a touch of luxury and protection to your home décor. So don't wait - order your Dog Bed today.

Wrought Iron Dog Bed Walmart

This is a Wrought iron Dog Bed that is prime for the hunter in you, the black and tan color is top-grade for any setter out there. The bottom of the Bed is manufactured of black Wrought iron and the top is manufactured of plastic, the Bed renders a small tool that you can use to tighten the screws that hold the top in place. Once tight, the screw is pushed into the bottom of the Bed and the top held in with age-old tips, this is a top-rated tool for holding the Bed while out hunting, or to keep the Bed from moving when hunting deep in the woods. This is a beautiful cast iron Dog Bed which was used in hunting to help points and points, the top of the Bed is covered in a felt bottom so that the Bed can be left open for your pet to pant and the top of the Bed grants a small door stop so that your pet can evenly or room to move. There are of small brass rivets along the top edge of the Bed that are use to barrel a dog's or other large medicine bottle, the Bed is manufactured to "wrought iron" and is complete with all hardware. It is old and presents a little wear from use, the bottom offers a piece of felt bottom stop to allow the Bed to close easily. There is a small bit of oil still on the handle, this is an old piece of technology and is in very good condition. This is cast iron english Dog hunting felt bottom doorstop statue, it is fabricated of alloy and offers a hammered design. It is antique and presents been made from durable Wrought iron, it is a top-notch as a piece of art or as a tool for hunting. This Dog Bed is a sensational addition to home pet needs.