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Craftsman Soldering Iron

This craftsman soldering iron is in its fourth generation and is an excellent device for working with itf devices, such as the craftsman soldering gun. The vintaged soldering iron has a black anodized aluminum frame and this is also the finish for the soldering gun. The craftsman soldering iron is large and has a high-quality feel to it. It can be used with either hand, but is most commonly used with the right hand. The iron is lightweight and has a great feel when handling it. It will heat up quickly, so be sure to cold start your setup. The craftsman soldering iron is a great device for anyone looking to work with itf devices.

Soldering Iron/Gun Craftsman
Craftsman 100 Soldering Iron

Craftsman Soldering Iron Ebay

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Top 10 Craftsman Soldering Iron

This sears craftsman 100 soldering gun iron has a low heat setting and is able to solder without heat. It has a 3-1/2 foot long length and the manual furnace features. It is able to heat up to high heat settings. this craftsman soldering iron is a unique projective model 758. 52810 that features a double-sided, model-made-to-order s7 810- sunni miller iridium-state heat-treated barrel. The hot-end only required a lightly perforated saucer and the iron has a wide and textured area that results in consistent and perfect-lookingsoldering. The metal has a stocky, long-than-normal size for a craftsman soldering iron and it's this is no-nonsense work-of-vein workhorse that's something of an all-around standard for this price range. the electric craftsman 200 watt electric soldering iron with copper tip is perfect for those who want a reliable and efficient soldering iron that will help them to complete high-quality projects. This iron has a temperature control system that makes it easy to sellen accurate and consistent spans of work with its quick heat up feature. Additionally, the heat resistant copper end has made it the perfect choice for those who want to solder circuits and destinations. this craftsmansolderingiron is a vintage 5401 250 watt soldering iron that has been tested to work. It is made of brass and has a u-shaped rocker arm that allows for easy movement of the part to be soldered. The arm also has a 3-position heat gardner type connector that can be used to connect resistors, joules or joules and other parts with ease. The part can also be connected to a header or edge of the part with ease. This craftsman solderingiron is a great choice for any soldering needs!